VirtueMart and Joomla! 3


Editor’s Note: The post below was taken from our previous Joomla website and is shown here to enable users to access older posts (since this was first written we have moved server type and CMS platform; from Joomla! to WordPress):

Well, it has been a day of discovery for me. I am now busy installing Virtuemart (VM) in Joomla 3.2.3 (the current version as of today – V3.3 is due in April, about 2 weeks away).

At the moment the VM team are finishing off the code upgrade of VM2 to VM2.6 (the main difference appears to be that the core code in VM2.6 is Joomla 3 ready). But VM2.x is for Joomla! 2.5, not for Joomla! 3. The current VM test release is 2.5.2, and it seems stable enough to become the stable (final?) release – VM2.6.

The VM team have already modified VM to install under Joomla! 3, that version is currently a test version called VM2.1.1. It is that version I have installed, but is, at the least, in need of work in the admin panels before it can be used for real.

Quite a few errors popped up, mostly expected for any installation of VM, I now understand. A safe path needed to be created and entered into the VM configuration, having created the folder above the public_folder and with the correct permissions (700 seems to work). Another reported error related to the upload_tmp_dir setting in the php.ini configuration file. Luckily, we have CPanel WHM so this was easy to change and the server’s Apache service then needed to be re-started.

As soon as VM2.6 releases, the VM team plans to port the core code into the installation wrapper that they used in VM2.1.1 and they will release VVM2.9.0, the first real test release of VM for Joomla 3. All that is planned for the next 2 weeks!! Then I shall beaver away to write the css code to make VM2.9 look great with the Cleanlogic template (I will post the css files up here when I am done).

Time for a beer. A bottle of ‘Old Thumper’ is looking good right now.

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