Two Factor Authentication (revisited) in the CleanLogic Joomla 3 Template


Editor’s Note: The post below was taken from our previous Joomla website and is shown here to enable users to access older posts (since this was first written we have moved server type and CMS platform; from Joomla! to WordPress):

So, having worked to get the Cleanlogic template from Crosstec working nicely, we found that it did not support Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and, despite assurances otherwise, Crosstec did not seem to be hurrying to fix this.

Yours truly decided to roll his sleeves and do a bit of digging in the Cleanlogic template code, and (of course), I think I have fixed it. Two files needed to be modified:

  1. In the public_html/templates/cleanlogic-for-joomla-3.x/html/com_users/login folder rename the file default_login.php to default_login.bak, and replace it with a new default_login.php file.
  2. In the public_html/templates/cleanlogic-for-joomla-3.x/html/mod_login folder rename the file default.php to default.bak, and replace it with a new default.php file.
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