If you don’t want to serve visitors to your site the standard WordPress 404 page, this is how to customize what they see using settings in Ultimatum Theme. With this framework, there is no ‘themed’ 404 page, instead you are expected to make your own, and you should. So, what is a 404 page? Well, a user requests a page from your website but your database cannot find it and so WordPress shows this error message page.

Error 404 - New LayoutError 404 - Add Row To LayoutError 404 - Drag Text Widget


So, if you read the previous post, you could see I was having WordPress breadcrumbs problems. Specifically, as of now there are just over 30 blog posts. Currently, the home page shows these in a loop, newest first. In the theme I have built in the Ultimatum Theme, that theme has a widget to include the default WordPress loop. In that widget, you can set how many blog posts appear on each (archive) page. I had set it to 6.

However, in the WordPress … Settings … Reading admin page, the setting ‘Blog pages show at most’ was still set at the installation default of 10. So, after 4 pages of posts, WordPress thought it had run out of blog posts to show, but my template knew there were more, so pages 5 and 6 existed with content, but WordPress titled them with a ‘404 Page Not Found’ error.

And so, Yoast Breadcrumbs was not at fault, it was me. So, NavXT is removed and Yoast Breacrumbs restored.