So, if you have read my earlier posts, you will see that I wanted the site a bit more secure by using Google Two Factor Authentication (2FA). I thought that it would be easy. Install the plugin and go. But no, any plugins you have that handle user login and user profiles need to take account of whether 2FA is installed, and whether you have it set per user, or per user type. Amazingly, none of the paid plugins supports Google 2FA, and few of the free ones do. So far, I have only found the SimpleModal Login plugin that does support 2FA, but only if 2FA activated; it cannot cope if you set 2FA on a per user basis.

On the premise that the easiest solution is best, I am going to see if I can modify the simple User Frontend plugin to work with it. I have written the PHP needed to check whether 2FA is activated, and whether the per user basis is set. Now I need to hack the code of the plugin to see if I can use this. The reason I chose this plugin to hack is that the writer has helpfully split all the functionality down to separate php files. Nice one.