Synchronizing Ultimatum Theme Bootstrap and UberMenu …


… and other things.

Having paid for and installed UberMenu, I discovered it wouldn’t play nicely with the Bootswatch Flatly custom color theme that I had set in Ultimatum Theme. Back to the help pages to discover an UberMenu plugin called Flat Skin Pack (curiously, that page says it is $7, but when you go to pay it is only $6). I also installed the Conditionals extension. Given what I said in the last post about Envato, I figured that with a balance still on the account available to spend, I searched for other paid for WordPress plugins and came across a great one called Hide My WP, that now accompanies the other plugins I am using to help secure WordPress. These are Wordfence Premium (paid for), Updraft Plus Premium (paid for) and Rename wp-login.php (free).

Of course, I still have to style the sub menus of UberMenu, but first I now need to see about adding a login widget, hopefully to the menu, and maybe changing the ‘Home’ link on the menu to a small image (which means I have to make a small logo). To help with searching, I have added a plugin called Better Search. A busy weekend, but onwards and upwards.

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