So, I have installed the Ultimatum Theme framework. As with WordPress, this will be a steep learning curve. What you see is a pretty basic theme that I am developing, called Togger. As time goes by, the appearance will start to look as I want it. Right now it is functional but not at all good.

Today has been about securing (or at least doing my best) this site against bad people. As it would not be a good idea to reveal what we have done, all I can hope for is that it is good enough. In fairness, in the many years I have operated web sites, none were compromised.

Oh…. I forgot to say that I added a contact form. For now I will leave it sans captcha. I hate those stupid unreadable images. I looked into the fun version, Playthru, but don’t believe the hype. It simply wouldn’t show on the forms (despite it appearing in the field options). One day they might get it working to my satisfaction, but it isn’t right now. So we shall rely on the alternative protection that we have installed.

Well, as you can see, all the Joomla! posts have been successfully ported over to WordPress. One other thing to note is that I disabled pingbacks and trackbacks (in Settings … Discussion). These are often used by DDOS attacks, so I have them off for all posts.

The learning curve for WordPress does seem rather steep, but knowing a lot about how websites work in general seems to make the absorption of the information fairly easy. I will repeat this here again though, using the OSTraining videos really makes a huge difference. They are worth every cent.

OK. A new day. Before I roll my sleeves up and get back into ‘learning from OSTraining video mode’, I wanted to see if I could transfer across the posts I made in the Joomla version of this site. Now, before I attempt this, I would add that I will backdate the posts, tag them as archived, and add a note to each to explain that they had been ported over, as it were.

First stop is another plugin, called SyntaxHighlighter Evolved and its associated SyntaxHighlighter Evolved Themes. My Joomla posts were quite convoluted in order to show code, but these plugins make it a breeze. Here’s a nonsense example:

<?php echo "me";?>

I will keep the same slug name for the transferred posts, meaning that any link to them that I have put on the Internet will still work. BTW, since last night I also added the TinyMCE Advanced editor plugin. When you first use it, there doesn’t appear to be much difference, because only the top line of icons shows by default. The last icon toggles the rest to visibility. As I have a very wide screen, I moved the buttons I wanted on to that one toolbar line.

The end of my first day with WordPress comes into its twilight. Watching instruction videos is not to be recommended if you are at the same time watching TV and dealing with your daughter’s 16th birthday (she is setting up her nice shiny new smartphone …. ‘Dad, how do you … ?’).

So I am just adding plugins as thoughts hit me. What about the EU/UK Cookie Law? UK Cookie Consent handles that, but creates a Cookie page, which then appears in the menu. So I installed Exclude Pages from Navigation, and the Cookie page has now gone from the menu. The Cookie plugin is great, BTW. Thumbs up to Catapult Design.

One thing that bugs me is the auto hyphenation, which is a css thing in the theme. That can wait for another day.

So far so good. Whilst playing with the site under WordPress, I have used the TwentyTwelve theme. Keen to see how flexible WordPress is, I thought to remove the tagline in the header, swap the textual Cotswold Photo for an image and change the Powered by … in the footer to a copyright notice.

Child themes are really easy to make. The same as the main theme, but …

The WordPress Codex is as good a place to find out how. It required very little coding, and I did find a quite good video on YouTube also.