Cleanlogic template from Crosstec


Editor’s Note: The [edited] post below was taken from our previous Joomla website and is shown here to enable users to access older posts (since this was first written we have moved server type and CMS platform; from Joomla! to WordPress):

If you saw this site when I first made it live, you might have noticed that the print and email icons to the top right of the articles were black and not in keeping with the site schema. A few extra lines of css and some new image files and that’s fixed. An archive file containing the three files is downloadable form the foot of this article. They need to be extracted to the images-source folder of the cleanlogic-for-joomla-3.x template folder.

Here is the css that needs to be added to the end of the template.css file found in the css folder of cleanlogic-for-joomla-3.x template folder:

.icon-print, .icon-envelope, .icon-edit, .icon-paperclip{
background:url(../images/printButton.png) no-repeat;
.icon-envelope{background:url(../images/emailButton.png) no-repeat}
.icon-edit{background:url(../images/edit.png) no-repeat}
.icon-paperclip{background:url(../images/PaperClip.png) no-repeat}

Having installed these images and the css, you need to log into the Joomla! backend, open the Template Manager, select the Cleanlogic template, then select advanced and note the accent color currently in use, and change this and save the settings. Load the frontend of your site. Back to the backend and restore the accent color to its original setting and save and close the template manager. Re-load the front end page and the icons will appear (if you have them set to show in either the global settings or the article settings for an article on the frontend page you loaded).

Before we start to really use the site, we are waiting for Crosstec to add support in the login modules for Google Two Factor Authentication. This will make the site and stored data a lot more secure.

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