cls65pro-riser75wHobo Lighting have, for some years, produced the very popular CLS65 5-section compact reflex light stand. The CLS65 was manufactured to some very artificial constraints; namely that it folded down to 500mm or less, and an extended height of over 2m, weighed less than 1kg and could safely take the load of a simple stand adapter, speedlight and umbrella, amounting to about 1.5kg in total.

But, in order that these artificial constraints could be achieved, many compromises had to be made. Many joints were riveted, the tube sections used were narrow and the riser clamp collars were pared down to a minimum. Photographers using them persistently asked, ‘Why?’ Why does the CLS65 feel fragile? Why can’t it take a heavier load? Why did this collar clamp snap (yes, about 0.5% did, usually when nearly new)? Why isn’t the stand designed to be repaired? Why can’t the stand come with a decent quality carry bag, instead of this lightweight drawstring bag?

And so the CLS65 Pro has been designed, tooled and produced, and at a very competitive price, typically about £5-6 lower selling price than the CLS65. The CLS65 Pro addresses all the questions being asked of the CLS65, and with an increase in weight of only 175g. It feels sturdier, uses wider section tubing, has cam ‘flip’ type riser clamps, uses nuts and bolts wherever possible (with spares and a toolkit provided), can take a much heavier load and has a nice sturdy carry bag. So, come on, why don’t you buy one now? Or, buy in multiple quantities and get even better pricing.